The See-Q project aims to industrially validate two innovative solutions to a current problem, resulting from a fundamental process for the manufacture of motor vehicles.


The See-Q project, co-funded under the P2020 program by the Portuguese Government and the European Commission, aims to industrially validate two innovative solutions to a current problem, using one of the most important manufacturing processes in the automotive assembly line: the quality inspection of the structural glue bead application
See-Q is based on the following main goals:

• Develop an integrated solution that allows the identification and correction of defects in glue beads, in real time, for all produced parts
• Innovative solution with high cost-benefit, robustness and customization
• Detection and diagnosis of machine failures
• Improvement of the production processes used in the national industry
• Extend Introsys offer of quality control systems for the industry
• Increase the competitiveness of Introsys industrial customers
• Promote technological transfer between academia and industry
• Contribute to the spread of ICT in the national industry
• Contribute to the creation of high-skilled jobs

Projecto See-Q

Project Activities


System Requirements and Architecture Definition

The focus of this first project activity is the definition of the industrial requirements, inspection processes use-cases and systems architecture

Demonstrators implementation and validation (TRL5-6)

Where the implementation, test, validation and demonstration of the developed solutions modules takes place, at Introsys facilities

Pilot line implementation and validation (TRL7-8)

Here the implementation, test, validation and demonstration of the developed solutions modules takes place, at the industrial project partner facilities


This activity of the project focuses essentially on technological and economic documentation for the solutions exploitation, namely business model, commercial strategy, market studies, licensing and training


In which industrial and scientific dissemination occurs, carried on through workshops, industrial fairs, website and conferences

Project Management

Activity dedicated to technical, administrative and financial management


See-Q is based on the following main goals:

• Implementation of two typologies of automated glue bead inspection systems: one during the glue bead dispensing other after the process, for all produced parts, automatically

• High performance solution capable of detecting the most typical defects in glue beads: narrowing, enlargement and correct positioning

• Integrated statistical analysis tools for all collected data

• Automatic diagnosis of the equipment status through historic data processing

• Automatic correction of the correctable bead defects

These results were successfully validated in two innovative industrial-environment demonstrators developed by Introsys and in a major automotive body-shop producing line.

Both developed demonstrators allow the deposit of glue beads and the testing of the developed solutions, namely identification and correction of bead defects. Although in laboratory environment, both demonstrators represent a very close to industrial reality.

The pilot line with the Isent® system was installed on the production line of the MPV, more specifically at the tailgate compartment in the Volkswagen Autoeuropa bodyshop area.


In order to disseminate the project results, Introsys was present at the following events:

EMAF 2018

In 2018, Introsys made presence for the first time in EMAF, the largest Portuguese industrial fair, presenting the first demonstrator of See-Q at the Produtech stand

We are cobots 2019

In May 2019, the project was presented at the first collaborative robotics congress attended by 2000 participants

Mostra 2019

In June 2019, Introsys was invited by CCDRLVT to take part in Mostra PT2020 – Fazemos Portugal with the See-Q demonstrator at Altice Arena—fazemos-portugal/10251.htm


Alongside with more than 100 Portuguese institutions of technology and innovation, Introsys was present at TECH@PORTUGAL, organized by ANI in July 2019 at Alfândega do Porto Congress Center

Innovation day Volkswagen Autoeuropa

As Autoeuropa is one of Volkswagen group’s most innovative factories, its annual event to present technology and innovative projects is thus an ideal showcase for the See-Q project. Introsys made presence at the event that took place in November 2019, at Autoeuropa facilities

Open class at Universidade da Extremadura

The University of Extremadura invited Introsys in November 2019 to teach an open class to its undergraduate students in Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering. The students’ receptivity was very positive, and the class was subordinated to the theme “The contribution of non-destructive tests to Zero Defects in the Industry – The See-Q project”

Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

In December 2019, the “Workshop on Disruptive Information and Communication Technologies for Innovation and Digital Transformation” brought together academic and industrial entities from Portugal, Spain and Italy. Introsys was present, presenting the See-Q project in a context of debate on disruptive technology solutions, emerging in the context of digital transformation and industry 4.0

2nd Industrial Maintenance Meeting

Introsys was present for the second time at this event dedicated to the identification of applicable products for industrial maintenance, organized by AISET. This time the See-Q project was presented at the conferences as well as its pre-demonstrator

Public presentation at CEI

With the project at the final stage, Introsys promoted the public presentation of its results at the Center for Innovative Companies, in Castelo Branco. More than fifty participants had the opportunity to see the working demonstrator in a laboratory environment. If you want to visit “speak with us”

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